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Goldcrest Oil Ltd

     Working with Chevron - Authorised distributors for Texaco Lubricants

Cleaning Equipment

Computerised Lubricant Maintenance Scheduling (LUBE IT)

Empty Barrels

Fluid Maintenance

Fuel Analysis

Fuel Gauages

Fuel Pump & Dispensing Equipment Installation

Fuel Storage Tanks

Garage Equipment

Grease Pumps

Hand Operated Pumps

Installation of Radio Controlled Automatic Ordering Systems

Lubricant Analysis

Lubricant Condition Monitoring

Lubricant Storage Tanks

Lubricant Surveys

Mixing Equipment

Oil & Chemical Spillage Removal Equipment

Oil Drying Equipment

Oil Measures

Oil Safe Dispensing Equipment

Oil Spill Decks

Oil Water Separators

OmniClean Mixers

Pneumatic & Logic Circuit Controlled Dispening Equipment

Pneumatic Pumps

Proportional Mixers

Removal of Waste Oil

Supply & Install Remote Gauges/Meters

Volume Monitoring

Workshop Installation