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Goldcrest Oil Ltd

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Viscosity @ 40°C



RODS KC30M Drawing Oil

120 - 140 cSt

Ferrous & Non Ferrous

High alloy & stainless steels

Press-working operations such as blanking and piercing

VAROL Varform 326

~ 1.5cSt

Light gauge materials including steel, zinc coated steel and aluminium

Vanishing oil for High Speed Drawing and Stamping for relatively small or flat components.  Formulated with a high level of neutral ester

HOUGHTON Cindolube 3411S

1.73 cSt

Aluminium, brass, copper

Vanishing lubricant for small components . Contains an aluminium inhibitor.

HOUGHTON Drawsol 4749

120 cSt

Ferrous metals, Zintec and Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty deep draw emulsifiable EP drawing & stamping Lubricant

PETROFER Drawlube S 79

80 cSt

Steel, steel alloys and aluminium

Water immiscible deep-drawing of camping gas cylinders and fire extinguisher, as well as punching operations on middle-strength steels.  Cold forming of bolt heads and in thread rolling operation.

PETROFER Drawlub S 27/1

N/A Paste

Ferrous and non-ferrous

Water-based and free from mineral oil and chlorine to provide pleasant working conditions.  particularly suitable for drawing difficult components such as deep pans and components with small radii.



Stainless steel, nickel alloys, nimonics & other nonferrous metals such as copper and brass

Heavily compounded neat drawing oil for difficult metal forming operations

Deep Drawing, Tube Drawing, Rod Drawing, Fine Blanking, Cold Heading, Piecing, Punching, Presswork & other forming operations

JOHN NEAL Vanishing Oil AQ-GM

2 cSt

Non-ferrous metal applications, including all aluminium and aluminium alloys

Special synergistic blend of synthetic lubricity enhancers. It is hydrocarbon-free.

blanking, forming, punching, and pressing of non-ferrous metals,


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