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Goldcrest Oil Ltd

     Working with Chevron - Authorised distributors for Texaco Lubricants


Goldcrest Oil takes it responsibilites towards our environment seriously and for many years has worked in partnership with a number of registered specialised waste removal companies to provide a competitive, secure and traceable waste disposal service.

Waste Oil Collection

We offer a waste mineral oil collection service

 by tanker or in containers (20L Drums, 200L Barrels and IBCs)

including used motor lubricants, Tank bund empting,

industrial oils including neat & soluble oils in addition to redundant fuel oils

Garage Waste Disposal Services

We can dispose of most motor trade wastes, including used oil filters, anti-freeze, used oil rags, sweeping granules, brake fluid, used lead batteries, etc. We can provide suitable containers for your waste at no cost.

Specialist Industrial Waste Disposal

We can provide cost efficient solutions for most waste streams, including toxics e.g. ammonia, corrosives and flammables.

Chlorinated Solvent Disposal And Reclamation

We can dispose of your waste chlorinated solvents & if suitable reclaim them for re-use. Disposal of trichloroethylene & reclamation of perchloroethylene & MDC

For a speedy removal of your waste please phone us for a quote.

Please view our Spillage Control page before you experience a very disruptive spill via this link