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Performance Specification

Viscosity Range


Grade Name

 ISO 6743-4 HM

 DIN 51 524 p 2, HLP-D

(Detergent properties)

 MAN N 698 H-LPD



ISO Viscosity Grades:

10, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100


Azolla DZF Range

This grade should be used in applications that experience high levels contamination, such as hydraulic units in off-road equipment and trucks.  Recommended for use in hydraulic systems on mobile, industrial, or marine equipment, machine tools, elevators, floor jacks, hoists, winches, air tools and lubers, lifts.   Any hydraulic circuits where significant  amounts of water are unavoidably introduced and when it is impossible to drain off the water (for instance on circuits that work around the clock).

Detergent characteristics allowing the fluid to absorb large quantities of water while preserving its properties.